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Congratulations to Erif - Champion of DCT3!
The HMFY Drunken Chess Tournament is an event that combines mental stimulation with the killing of brain cells. It has been called the "Darwin of Intellectual Events". The combination of two great pastimes -- getting drunk and playing chess -- that surprises most of the world when mentioned, but makes sense to those who have been enlightened by it.

[20-Apr-03] We came, we drank, and Tournament Judge Erif conquered! We should have the photos and aftermath report up in the next week or two. DCT3 was a blast! The T-Shirts are still on sale.
[17-Mar-03] The T-Shirts are available now at CafePress! http://www.cafeshops.com/hmfydct3
[28-Feb-03] We have 16 players registered now! However, we are still looking for alternates, in case some of our registered players do end up not attending. If we get enough alternates, we may attempt to increase the size of the tournament, but the venue is likely not quite big enough for 32 players, spectators, and other non-DCT patrons.
[24-Feb-03] Added Sasha's testimonial.
[22-Feb-03] The new DCT3 pages are up.