Choose Your Own Fate project

I. So, what is this "Choose Your Own Fate" project, anyway?

If you've ever read Choose Your Own Adventure books, there were generally a number of ways that you would die or fail. This project is a collection of unconnected short stories in a style that emulates those horrible fates. The idea is that each story is completely contained in two facing pages, so that a reader can flip to a random page in the book, and in that way choose their fate.

II. Why am I doing this?

After Katrina did such devastating damage to the Gulf Coast, and after seeing and hearing about the aftermath, I wanted to do something. I gave money to the Red Cross, but I wanted to do more. I had this Choose Your Own Fate idea a few months back, and thought it would be an interesting collaboration project for charity. After posting about this idea on my blog, I got such a good amount of feedback that I decided to go ahead with it.

III. Why would you want to do this?

This is a project comprised of volunteers, since this is for charity. 100% of the proceeds from this book will go the American Red Cross's Katrina Relief fund*. If you support this charity and have an interest in writing or illustrating, we would love you have you on board!

If you're an aspiring author or artist who wants to be published, this is one way to do it. Current plans involve getting an ISBN for the book, and it will be available both in print and via PDF. We'll be using for this project.

If you're a seasoned author or artist, this project doesn't ask for a lot of out of you - each story is less than 800 words, and the largest art pieces are roughly 4 1/2" x 7 1/2" black & white.

IV. Who am I, exactly?

My name is Ryan Macklin. I have a couple meager writing credits, for an article in Pyramid magazine and for a contribution to Dial S for Superhumans from Atomic Sock Monkey Press. I've also been a part of the GURPS Character Builder community with our coding group, GURPS Project Mayhem. More importantly, I'm someone who wants to help out a cause, am willing to organize people, and can see this project through.

V. Tell me more...

You can find out more details, including format, style, guidelines, and more on the Information page. If you're considering submitting, please take a moment and read through it.

If you have any other questions, or want to join in on the fun, email me at

(*We are not affiliated with the American Red Cross.)