GURPS Project Mayhem
GURPS Project Mayhem is an HMFY project focused on creating new quality datafiles for GURPS Character Builder.
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Completed datafiles:
Instructions for Installation and Use
Book*   (Download) Last Revised File Size Readme Text Reduced Version**
Bio-Tech Included with GCB 3.0
Black Ops Included with GCB 3.0
Cabal (2) 06-Feb-2002 261KB/26KB View Readme Get Reduced
Cliffhangers 2/e Included with GCB 3.0, by Eric J
Cops 05-Apr-2004 215KB/21KB View Readme Get Reduced
High-Tech 3/e Included with GCB 3.0
Japan 2/e - Maneuvers Only 05-Apr-2004 263KB/2KB View Readme Get Reduced
Low-Tech Included with GCB 3.0
Modern Firepower (2) 06-Feb-2003 256KB/17KB View Readme Get Reduced
Special Ops 3/e 05-Apr-2004 259KB/43KB View Readme Get Reduced
Swashbucklers 3/e Included with GCB 3.0
Vikings 2/e (2) 07-Mar-2003 325KB/34KB View Readme Get Reduced
WWII Included with GCB 3.0
   WWII Dogfaces 04-Apr-2004 285KB/7KB View Readme Get Reduced
   WWII Frozen Hell 04-Apr-2004 248KB/8KB View Readme Get Reduced
   WWII Hand of Steel 15-Oct-2003 265KB/5KB View Readme Get Reduced
   WWII Iron Cross 15-Oct-2003 296KB/8KB View Readme Get Reduced
   WWII Return to Honor 15-Oct-2003 277KB/8KB View Readme Get Reduced
(Pyramid) Unlimited Mana 05-Apr-2004 89KB/19KB View Readme Get Reduced
(Pyramid) Western Martial Arts 05-Apr-2004 80KB/5KB View Readme Get Reduced
*First edition when not listed, except for Pyramid articles which have no edition numbers.
**Reduced versions do not include logo files.
(2) Files not yet updated for GCB 3.0

Utility Last Revised File Size Readme Text Reduced Version
Shortcut replacement (2) 27-Sep-2002 2KB View Readme
(2) Files not yet updated for GCB 3.0

GURPS: Project Mayhem consists of Ryan Macklin (programmer, head hombre in charge), Sasha Pixlee (King of the Spacemonkeys), Michael Daugherty, Chris O'Brien, and CJ Beiting (Spacemonkeys).

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